November 25, 2012

The EU could use some opposition

A thing that is rather troublesome with the European Union is that there is no proper opposition.

This is not only a democratic problem as such. It also mean that megalomaniac politicians and eurocrats can get away with the stupidest things, without ever being challenged.

Naturally, there is some opposition in the European Parliament. But none that really matters.

There is a small euro-sceptic group. But many of its' members are rather nationalist, goofy or just a bit hostile to foreign people. The most reasonable in this group seems to be the people from UKIP, United Kingdom Independece Party. At least they manage to stir things up, quite often by pointing out the obvious. But no one seems to like being told that the emperor is naked.

Then we have some pretty decent liberal and green MEP:s. But far too few. And us – a few Pirates – trying to cover as much of civil rights, democracy, transparency and freedom of information as we can muster.

That is about it. The Commission is Isengard and the Council is Mordor. Most journalists are covering Justin Bieber and X-factor, so they have little time for abuse of power, embezzlement of taxpayers money and the plain incompetence with which this union is run. (With exception from some British media, who have realized that much that is going on in the EU is just as silly and stupid as what is going on on your average tv reality- or talent show.)

I find the lack of opposition very strange. Because there ought to be room for some fair critique. One that put people over special interests. One that is interested in liberty and free markets. One that understands the value of openness and diversity. One that regards the people as individual citizens - not as a stupid, faceless mass. Or something along those lines.

Some real opposition might also liven up the stiff and rather dull EU nomenclature. Today, it shows signs of a late state of altitude sickness. These people cannot handle critique or admit mistakes. They are not willing to consider any alternative options nor to listen to other voices. They do stupid things just because they can. They are bureaucratic and revengeful. They stay away from logic, facts and principles. They dislike being evaluated and duck accountability. They make the freemasons seem transparent.

OK, I'm not perfect either. But then, I do not run for public office. And I have no urge to rule over other people.

The EU really could do with some liberal or libertarian, humanist opposition.

[In Swedish]

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