June 7, 2010

Elections i The Netherlands: Judge in copyright case scandal

Wednesday The Netherlands will elect a new Parliament. And it looks like the Dutch Pirate Party has a resonable chance to win a seat or two.

And now, a few days before the election, there is an emerging scandal concerning Pirate-related issues. It is about a judge that ruled that the publication of P2P file namnes in a forum, FTD, is copyright infringement.

Now, it turns out – this judge has been educating copy right holders in how to fight filesharers. And he has done it together with the lawyer representing the complaintifs in the FTD-trial!

This shuold get international attention. It might very well be the Pirate ticket to the Dutch Parliament.

(Read about the court case against FTD at the Torrent Freak site.)

[In Swedish]

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