November 12, 2009


The European Parliament is working on a resolution on the Stockholm Programme. (So this is, thanks God, not legislation. But it is important anyhow.)

The Stockholm Programme points out how to work when it comes to judicial procedures, criminal trials, migration and everything that is connected with surveillance and Big Brotherism. This will be synced with the roll out of the new EU Treaty, The Lisbon Treaty.

The papers for this afternoons vote in the joint meeting with the JURI, LIBE and AFCO committees where distributed in the very last minute. There are almost 500 amendments and lots of compromise amendments. Some members did get the papers less than three hours before the meeting. Some papers did not reach the members at all. So most of the parlamentarians have not had a chance to more than glance at the documents. There have been no analysis, no prior discussion and no possibility for cross party border talks.

This is simply ridiculous.

Naturally, some members object. So at the beginning of this afternoons meeting they wanted to postpone the vote.

Then there was an objection to the suggestion to discuss this at all. (It´s Thursday. All members have planes home to catch.)

So it was decided not to discuss to postpone the vote, as it would take to long.

Then the voting on the amendments to the Stockholm Programme started - without anyone knowing what they really are doing.


Johan Tjäder said...

This is, of course, crazy. No wonder the Parliament is not taken serious.

Fredrik Persson said...

Technical question:

I'm trying to add this blog to google reader by name (, but when I do, instead I get an italian blog named "Oltre la coltre". Anyone else seeing this?!

Anonymous said...

mycket intiresno, tack