October 24, 2009

The EU Telecoms Package

Meeting on the Telecoms Package, EP Strasbourg.
Photo: Christian Engström, MEP.

My MEP, Christian Engström of the Swedish Pirate Party, is one of the members of The European Parliaments delegation to the Conciliation Committé on the EU:s Telecoms Package.

This means that I am in the meetings on this dosier. I can tell you that it is an interesting and somewhat disturbing experience.

Read some of Christians blogposts on what have occured: Chaotic delegation meeting on the telecoms package | An insult to the Parliament | The Hadopi test for the Telecoms Package

I also recomend you to read Monica Hoortens blog. She has a scientists way of looking at this process. Read her blog posts and her paper "The Telecoms Package - a licence to chill".

I´ll try to keep you updated as the process develops...

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