April 13, 2008

One Europe, One Culture, One History?

The European Parliament last week adopted the report »Sharper focus needed on European cultural heritage«, written by Portugese MEP Vasco Graça Moura (EPP-ED).

Now, what does »sharper focus« mean? Well, the EP Press Release is a little... diplomatic.

But if you read the report you will find that it says that we have one European culture, that we should adopt one cultural agenda and that there should be one curriculum on European history in schools.

In the words of Sweet Virgin Mary: Come again!?!

I don't even dare to think what this translates into in German...

The report was adopted by the EP with 533 MEPs voting in favor and 68 against. 22 did not vote at all.

(This report has stirred up a rather lively discussion on my Swedish blog.)

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