April 27, 2008

The EU Treaty of Lisbon (A Trailer)

April 16, 2008

Patrick Moore on Nuclear Energy

"Other than hydroelectric energy—which I also strongly support—nuclear is the only technology besides fossil fuels available as a large-scale continuous power source, and I mean one you can rely on to be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wind and solar energy are intermittent and thus unreliable. How can you run hospitals and factories and schools and even a house on an electricity supply that disappears for three or four days at a time? Wind can play a minor role in reducing the amount of fossil fuels we use, because you can turn the fossil fuels off when the wind is blowing. And solar is completely ridiculous. The cost is so high—California's $3.2 billion in solar subsidies is all just going into Silicon Valley companies and consultants. It's ridiculous."

Environmentalist and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore in Newsweek.


April 14, 2008

But... do we need one?

A salary of around € 270,000, a chauffeured car, a housing allowance and a personal staff of around 20. This is some of the stuff taxpayers will have to pay for the new EU President. To begin with.

"However the commission is not expected to mention the EU president's salary in its first budget draft for fear of upsetting the current ratification process of the EU treaty - particularly in Ireland which is to have a referendum" according to the EU Observer.


April 13, 2008

One Europe, One Culture, One History?

The European Parliament last week adopted the report »Sharper focus needed on European cultural heritage«, written by Portugese MEP Vasco Gra├ža Moura (EPP-ED).

Now, what does »sharper focus« mean? Well, the EP Press Release is a little... diplomatic.

But if you read the report you will find that it says that we have one European culture, that we should adopt one cultural agenda and that there should be one curriculum on European history in schools.

In the words of Sweet Virgin Mary: Come again!?!

I don't even dare to think what this translates into in German...

The report was adopted by the EP with 533 MEPs voting in favor and 68 against. 22 did not vote at all.

(This report has stirred up a rather lively discussion on my Swedish blog.)

April 11, 2008


As this is a new blog – links would be appreciated.

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Small is Beautiful

Micro Credits are gaining momentum again, according to an article in the International Herald Tribune.

This way to, entirely privately, or in cooperation with governmental financing (which most often is not necessary, but hey, why say no to free money) help people into independence instead of dependence is one of the best formulas the last decade.

Maybe that’s why it’s also looked upon suspiciously by old style foreign aid people. After all, there’s money t be spent. In Sweden, a ruling by parliament prohibits the government from spending less than on percent of GDP annually on foreign aid.


April 10, 2008

What the French are up to...

Information is beginning to leak on the French governments plans for its EU Presidentcy.

Among other things, they want exceptions from Free Trade Agreements – when it comes to culture, including film and TV.

The reason is to protect and to promote "domestic" culture.

In other words: To the French, what makes culture important is where it is created, not the content!

Cultural protectionism is a term that comes to mind.

The French approach is an narrow minded and arrogant dismissal of other peoples thoughts, creativity and creations.


EP: No Internet Ban

Today the European Parliament voted about banning people envolved in File Sharing from the Internet.

Yesterday, the French government made an last minute appeal to the Parliament to accept such a ban. (It is no doubt something they would like to introduce in France. And in the EU, during the French Presidency.)

But with 314 votes to 298, the European Parliament decided with MEP Fjellners motion not to ban people from the Internet.

April 8, 2008

MEP: Don't ban people from the Internet!

The Bono Report presented to the European Parliament suggests that people engaged in activities like file sharing should be banned from the Internet. (One can wonder how that is going to be enforced.)

The idea of banning people from the Internet is supported by French President Sarkozy, among others.

But in the European Parliament, there is resistance against this ill thought out proposal. Among others, Swedish MEP Christopher Fjellener (EPP-ED) is putting up a fight. In a Motion for Resolution he writes...

"Calls on the Commission and the Member States to recognise that the Internet is a vast platform for cultural expression, access to knowledge, and democratic participation in European creativity, bringing generations together through the information society; calls on the Commission and the Member States, therefore, to avoid adopting measures conflicting with civil liberties and human rights and with the principles of proportionality, effectiveness and dissuasiveness, such as the interruption of Internet access."

Shortly we will know what the EP decides.


France is planning to push forward plans for a common EU company tax base during its six-month term at the bloc's chair, starting in July. And this will be the first step towards "harmonisation" of tax rates.

One might ask what the point with free movement in the EU will be – if everything is going to be exactly the same everywhere.

Especially as the EU tends to adopt the worst practice on different areas within the union, when "harmonising".


More bad news for Doomsday Prophets

"Propagandists for global warming were very excited last September when Arctic ice-cover, at 3 million square kilometres, hit a record low. They have been strangely silent, though, about the latest data (see the Cryosphere Today website) which shows that, after the northern hemisphere's coldest winter for 26 years, ice-cover is now 14 million sq km, a million more than this time last year."

Christopher Booker in The Daily Telegraph.


April 7, 2008

Will she ever learn?

Once again, Hillary Clinton has been caught stretching the truth a bit to far.

VP Rice?

According to ABC News US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is now pursuing the job as Vice President.

Speculations started after Rice visited The Americans for Tax Reforms Wednesday meeting with conservative leaders ten days ago.

So far many analysts have dismissed Rice for VP, because of her close bonds with President Bush.

On the other hand, some think it might be a waste of time to introduce someone less known – having to educate the American public about who that person is.


April 6, 2008

Did the Chinese Really Know what they where doing?

Today, protesters took to the streets as the Olympic torch was carried trough the streets of London.

Now there will be months and months of new protests against Chinas policy on Tibet, Burma and Darfur. We will se lots of manifestations against the lack of Freedom of Speech and Democracy in China. And there will be plenty of time to protest against the lack of Human Rights there.

And then the Olympic Games will commence – with lots of opportunities for high profile protests at ceremonial events in front of the worlds media...

I've got a feeling that the Chinese regime did not know what it was doing, when bringing the Olympic Games to their country. And I cannot remember seeing this much international protests against the Chinese leadership ever before.

So, in a way, maybe we should be grateful for the Chinese hosting the Olympic Games...

AP on todays protests in London.

P&T: War on Drugs

Some of you have already seen this, no doubt. But if you have missed Penn & Teller Bullshit – War om Drugs, or if you want to see it again, here it is in three Youtube-clips.

Direct links to Youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

April 5, 2008

George Carlin on the Ten Commandments :-)

Youtube link»

Flat Tax in Hungary?

Political turbulence in Hungary might give the small opposition party the Hungarian Democratic Forum an opportunity to maneuver a Flat Tax-proposal through Parliament.


April 3, 2008

Al Gore does Scandinavia

No one can have missed that Climate Chief Alarmist Al Gore received The Nobel Peace Prize last December. But some details might have escaped you...

When arriving in Oslo for the Prize Cermony – Al Gore took the Airport Express Train to town. He made a big fuzz about this in the media. This train ride was to be seen as a Climate Statement.

Well. According to the Norwegian paper Verdens Gang his luggage did not. It was sent by car to his hotel. In a Mercedes van, to be precise. Does this strike anyone as a bit odd?

After the Prize Cermony Gore went to Sweden – to meet with the Cabinet and to address the Parliament. He did not take the train. Nor did he use the Scandinavian Airline Systems frequent shuttle services. He was picked up by the Swedish Governments private jet.

Thus making a huge CO2 footprint. Exactly the thing he wants all other people to refrain from...

But Gore was still to produce Hot Air. Not only in the Swedish Parliament.

From Stockholm he went to Frankfurt. Once again in the Swedish Governments private jet. None of the 17 flights with SAS and Lufthansa on the route that day suited him. So again, he emitted huge amounts of CO2 for no other purpose than his own comfort.

(As the Swedish Government Jet is not allowed to be used as a taxi for anyone, top brass had to join Gore on his trips. PM top advisor Ms Clase took him from Oslo to Stockholm. The Secretary of International Aid, Ms Carlsson, escorted him to Frankfurt, and then flew back minutes later.)

The bill for Gores trip Oslo - Stockholm - Frankfurt was picked up by the Swedish Taxpayers: About 12-15.000 euros.

Al Gore – the guy who wants the rest of us to stop flying, driving and doing all that other stuff that's emitting CO2. Just because he has a (not very good) theory on what is driving climate change.

Words like »hypocrisy« and »expensive« comes to mind.

Some links in Swedish: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

That's timing...

Hillary Clinton might run for governor i New York – as an exit strategy if she doesn't make the Democrats 2008 ticket – according to The Economist.


La, la, la! I can't hear you. La, la, la!

When the Swedish Parliament holds a hearing on Immaterial Rights on the Internet today – they have decided not to invite anyone who is critical against the Control State and Big Brotherism that might follow.

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Referendum on EMU in Denmark

In a surprise statement to German magazine Die Welt, Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen has declared that there will be a national referendum on his country joining the Euro-zone / EMU or not.

Poor Hillary

Christopher Hitchens is not a fan. Link»

Neither is Stanley Crouch. Link»

But Hillary thinks she is Rocky Bilboa. Link»

Sylvester "Rocky" Stalone, however, probably don't. He's got other preferences. Video»

April Fools

Here you can find some of the April Fool Jokes in the international press. Link»

This, however, is unfortionatley not an April Fool Joke... Link»

Wet snuff against Cancer

Once again, a scientific report, this time ordered by the European Parliament, has concluded that the unique Swedish wet snuff – “snus” – does not cause cancer.

Nonetheless, it’s still prohibited in all of the EU except Sweden. Hence smokers, who are trying to get off the habit are barred from a virtually risk free substitute.

Hooray for Swedish MEP Fjellner, who not only campaigns against the prohibition, but also sells the stuff from his office. According to rumour, it’s also very popular among his fellow parliamentarians.

You need a license to shoot a duck...

And to smoke. In the UK, legislation is coming up requiring a special licence, priced at 10 quid annually, to purchase cigarettes.

Regardless of this bizarre injustice to her Majesty’s subjects, what am I – or the thousands of people who travel to and from London every day – supposed to do? Can you buy a day card at the airport?